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2.6 - Academic and Professional Progress Committee (APPC)

The MIRS Academic and Professional Progress Committee (APPC) consists of department faculty who are responsible for monitoring student academic, clinic and professional progress.   The APPC monitors student progress at the fall and spring semester midterm and at the end of each semester. The APPC may also meet at any time during the semester if the need arises.  

In addition to the APPC, students receive and may request counsel on their academic, clinic and professional progress from their course faculty, clinical coordinator or program director throughout the semester.  

Any student who is unsatisfactory in a course at midterm of the fall and spring semesters will receive an email notice from the departmental APPC.  As part of this notification, students are required to meet with their program director so deficiencies may be discussed and a plan to improve the deficiency may be implemented prior to the conclusion of the semester.  

At the end of each semester, the APPC reviews each student’s overall academic, clinic, and professional performance then makes recommendations in writing to the Dean regarding each student’s progress in regards to College of Allied Health Standards.  The APPC may recommend that the Dean commend, promote, retain, place on or continue on probation, suspend, or dismiss a student. Recommendations may also include, but are not limited to:  

  • Individualizing course sequence and selection.  
  • Modifying standard timing and sequence of coursework.  
  • Repeating courses.  
  • Adding courses to strengthen basic competencies.  
  • Assigning specialized academic and/or clinic projects.
  • Making program modifications to allow for higher-level work and advanced studies for students making exceptional progress. 

In situations where a student’s semester grades do not demonstrate the required progress, the student is informed of the recommendations of the APPC by letter from the Dean, which includes the Dean’s decision and necessary sanctions.  

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