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5.1 - Academic and Professional Advisement

The Program Director serves as academic advisor to all students in their program.  The Program Director keeps current with students’ grades and initiates meetings when grade deficiencies are noted.  This does not preclude a student from requesting a meeting with their Program Director at any time to discuss academic progress. 

Program Directors also provide professional and career advisement as needed or requested.   This may include job application, resume building, interview advisement, job market outlook, employment resources, etc.

If a student is having difficulty in a specific course, they are encouraged to meet with the course instructor first to discuss the issue.  

If a student encounters a problem in a clinic rotation, they should ensure that patient needs are met, and then communicate with the Clinic Supervisor/ Instructor.  Students should follow up with their Clinical Coordinator in regards to clinical issues that are not resolved by discussing with the Clinic Supervisor/ Instructor.       Refer to Section 3 Clinic Education Policies, for additional information on resolving such occurrence. 

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