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5.4 - Student Rights in Academic Appeals Process

Students have rights and obligations to participate fully in the educational process; to provide input as appropriate regarding their educational and professional roles; and to seek information and clarification of actions that affect them.  Both the Health Sciences Center and College of Allied Health student handbooks include policies on the protection of student rights. 

The Department believes that all participation, comment, query, and debate by students and faculty should be characterized by honesty, common courtesy, respect for the dignity of all concerned, and a keen sense of the rights of others. 

The responsibility for academic evaluation rests with the faculty.  If a student feels they were evaluated by an instructor in a prejudiced or capricious manner, and is unable to resolve the matter first by speaking to the instructor followed by consultation with the program director then departmental chair, the student may elect to pursue the academic appeal process, as described in the CAH Student Handbook – Academic Policies.  It is important for students to remember that an appeal of an evaluation made known to the student during the term must be initiated within 15 University business days after the evaluation is made known to the student.  An appeal of an end-of-term evaluation must be initiated by February 15 for the previous fall semester or winter intersession and by September 15 for the previous spring semester, spring intersession or summer term. See CAH Student Handbook for complete details of this process. 

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