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3.5 - Criminal Background Check Policy

The University requires annual criminal background checks of students as a condition of admission and enrollment.  In addition, several clinic affiliates associated with the College of Allied Health require such checks.  A background check must be completed by all persons having any interactions with patients.  It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a copy of the check for review by appropriate clinic personnel.  The clinic affiliates have the ultimate right to accept or refuse a student based on results of a background check. Should a clinic refuse a student based on the results, the student may be unable to complete the required clinic rotation for that semester. This may prevent a passing grade in that course, thus delaying or preventing graduation. 

Clinic affiliates may ask the student for results of the background check before rotations begin or on the first day of the rotation. Clinical coordinators will provide additional information prior to the start of clinic rotations to assist students in complying with the needed documentation.    

The full criminal background check policy can be found here.

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