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3.4 - Clinical Affiliate Entry Requirements

Students are required to provide documented proof of the following prior to the start of their junior fall. The documentation is submitted through the tracking system used by the College of Allied Health and MIRS Department.  These documents include; CPR certification, medical insurance coverage, complete immunization records, drug test results, criminal background check, completion of OUHSC online HIPAA (Privacy and Security) training course, and completion of OUHSC online Environmental Health and Safety (Blood Borne Pathogens, Tuberculosis, Fire Safety, and General Safety/Hazard Communication) training courses. Students will be asked to submit proof of renewal for some of these items each semester or each year. 

CPR certification must be obtained through the American Heart Association Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Professional course.  Students must be recertified prior to expiration of their current card and provide proof of updated certification to the Department. 

Medical insurance coverage must be current and maintained throughout the entire program. Students not enrolled in the University Academic Health Plan must submit a request for a waiver prior to each semester demonstrating alternative coverage.   

Students are required to keep their immunizations, CPR certification, drug screen, and background check current through the entire next semester. Any item which will expire during a particular semester must be renewed prior to the beginning of that semester in order to remain compliance. Typically, MIRS Department faculty or staff tracking this information will send an email notification with required deadlines.  However, students are responsible for meeting these requirements whether or not they receive a reminder from the department faculty or staff. 

In order to accommodate time constraints, up to 2 hours of clinic time per semester may be used for the purpose of fulfilling these immunization compliance requirements. If additional time is required, it must be made up before the end of the semester by following proper procedure for make-up time. 

Failure to complete and submit any required documentation by the deadline given will cause the student to miss clinic until the items are submitted and may result in a Zerograde. Any class time missed to meet these requirements may result in an unexcused absence with associated penalties. 

If you need a copy of your records, the MIRS Department does not make copies. Student can use the tracking system to retrieve and print additional copies of the uploaded items. Students must take their immunization records, CPR card, medical insurance card, drug test, background check report, Environmental Health and Safety training and HIPAA training documentation with them to clinic for review by the clinic affiliate.

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