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4.1 - Location of Departmental Offices and Labs

The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences departmental office and faculty offices are located on the third floor of the College of Allied Health building in Oklahoma City.  Programmatic labs are on the first and second floors.  

Faculty offices and programmatic classrooms are located on the second floor of the Academic Building in Tulsa.   

Room numbers for departmental laboratories and other facilities are as follows: 

Oklahoma City

1024                            Sonography Laboratory

1032                            Radiography Laboratory

1036                            CT Simulation Laboratory

1037                            Image Processing Lab

1038                            Nuclear Medicine Imaging Laboratory

1039                            Radiation Therapy / Dosimetry Laboratory

2038                            Radiation Therapy/ VERT Laboratory


2D34                          Sonography Class Laboratory

A list of departmental faculty and their office numbers is located on the MIRS web site.

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