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3.3 - Evaluation of Clinical Performance

Since clinic education is a credit-hour course and specific competencies must be demonstrated, students are routinely evaluated in all clinic activities based upon specific technical and behavior performance objectives. Objectives and evaluation forms for each rotation and/or semester level are provided to students and clinic supervisors.  The evaluation process varies between programs but includes assessment by the clinical coordinator, clinic site supervisor or preceptor.  In addition, satisfactory completion of clinic logs, writing assignments, presentations, clinic competencies, clinic examinations and other qualitative, or quantitative performance measures are required. Student progress/performance is obtained through written evaluations from the clinic and/or discussions between the clinic preceptors and the clinical coordinator.

Given the importance of personal responsibility and performance in clinic education activities, all programs employ the Zerograde system for identifying and correcting any deficiency in clinic performance or essential competencies. Other policies for correcting clinical deficiencies may be outlined in the clinic course syllabi.  

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