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4.8 - Closing of Facilities Due to Weather and Holidays

Occasionally inclement weather will necessitate campus closure. If inclement weather is predicted please check your campus websites to ascertain the status of your campus. Students should also receive notification from Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) via text, phone, or email. Students are expected to monitor the ECS to determine if classes are to be held. Failure to do so is not accepted as an excuse for a missed exam or assignment. 

Dual Campus Issues:   Depending on which campus is closed and from which campus the class originates, a class may be canceled. Students should monitor their email and the course announcement page to know what is expected for each individual class. If a class meets, then students on the closed campus will be given access to the presentation video for that date. If one campus is closed the activities may be performed individually for the entire class. 

If tests are being administered and either campus is closed, the test will be rescheduled and students should monitor their email and the course announcement page to know what is expected for each individual class.

Clinic:   If the campus and/or the academic units are canceled due to hazardous weather, students assigned to be in the clinical setting will be dismissed from clinic. This time is not required to be made up, so long as the closure impacts 3 days of clinic or less, for a given semester.  Closures beyond 3 days will be made up at the discretion of the MIRS department. 

If a campus is not officially closed, and a student chooses not to attend classes or clinic due to the weather, the student must follow the policies for notification of absence and will be responsible to make-up missed clinic time and appropriate class activities. These absences may be unexcused.

Students should refer to the course syllabus for details related to unexcused absences.
Students in clinical rotations are considered professionals-in-training and are learning the responsibilities of health care providers whose services are vital to patients, clinics, and hospitals. Therefore, students are held responsible for meeting performance and competency requirements for each semester, and as such, fulfillment of these minimum standards may necessitate making up the allotted clinical time in order to have the opportunity to complete all clinical requirements. 

Some clinic affiliates recognize holidays that are not observed by the University. When students are assigned to such a clinic site, they are not responsible for clinic attendance on that day but must notify their clinic coordinator of such holidays and attend all scheduled classes that are in session that day.

If a clinic affiliate unexpectedly closes for equipment updates or other reasons, a student must immediately contact his/her clinic coordinator or program director for assignment to another facility or alternate activity. 

Additional policies and procedures of interest to students, general safety, hazardous weather, and emergency services may be found in the CAH Student Handbook.  

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