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3.15 - Clinic Dress Code – Nuclear Medicine

Uniform attire requires a fingertip-length white lab coat with the departmental patch sewn on the left sleeve or left breast pocket; department designated wine-colored scrubs that are hemmed to the top of the shoe and neatly pressed; a solid white, form-fitting short or long-sleeved T-shirt worn under the scrub top; white socks, and all white leather athletic shoes (no colored shoelaces or markings and no high-top styles).  

Compliance with state and federal regulations for safe handling of radioactive materials dictates the dress code for nuclear medicine students. Students MUST wear their lab coats at all times while rotating in an area with radioactive materials, unless prior authorization by the clinic RSO is given.  (For example, Children’s Hospital does not require white lab coats for psychological reasons. 

Optional Uniform Attire:

A long-sleeved wine-colored scrub jacket with the patch sewn on the sleeve may be worn in clinics that permit it.  The jacket style is designated by the department. The optional scrub jacket does not replace the need to wear a designated short sleeve scrub top, nor is it a substitute for the regulatory mandated lab coat for radioisotope handling.  A long sleeve, form fitting white t-shirt may be worn under the wine scrub top (with departmental patch sewn on left sleeve) in clinics that permit it.  Scrub tops designed to be tucked in must be tucked in at all times.  Scrub pants and top combinations must not show the student’s bare skin when he/she is bending over or performing common tasks at clinic.

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