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4.9 - Student Employment

The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences is committed to educating radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation therapists, and sonographers who meet nationally accepted ethical and performance standards in their professional fields. Student employment in the capacity of an unsupervised practitioner in the discipline in which the student has not yet completed training is strongly discouraged. Students considering such employment should discuss the situation with their Program Director. 
In the event a student does accept general employment during the program, it remains the student’s responsibility to meet all requirements of the professional program, such as attendance in class, clinic rotations, competencies and satisfactory grades. In accordance with program accreditation standards, students are not allowed to receive payment as employees during scheduled clinic rotations. In addition, under no circumstances will professional employment hours or activities substitute for assigned clinical education requirements.
A student anticipating such employment should first discuss the matter with their program director.  Students accepting employment must complete a Professional Employment Notification form available on the MIRS Department website. Departmental approval of professional employment in no way implies any level of department responsibility for the student when he/she is engaged in employment activities. 

Students engaging in professional employment should be aware that based on accreditation standards, they are not allowed to receive payment for services rendered while on scheduled clinic rotations.   Students receiving payment while on scheduled clinic rotations can receive a Zerograde, delay their graduation, and/or jeopardize the program’s accreditation.  Additionally, student malpractice insurance covers them only while they are on assigned clinical rotations as a student. 

If a student is certified in another medical imaging/ radiation sciences modality, he or she may not act as an employee or be substituted as an employee of the facility under any circumstance during regularly scheduled clinical rotations. 

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