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5.12 - Student Association

Students in the Department are encouraged to participate in the governance and social activities of the College of Allied Health Student Association.  The Department is given four voting representatives and four alternate representatives. One representative and one alternate will be elected by the students in each of the traditional programs. Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences representatives not only represent their specific major but the Department as a whole.

Elections occur during the spring semester of the junior year, though the newly elected representatives do not become the voting representatives for their program and department until the summer/fall of their senior year.  This gives students an opportunity to observe council actions and become aware of student issues in advance of assuming the voting position.  If an elected representative cannot fulfill their obligations, the elected alternate will assume the position. 

Student Association representatives are expected to attend all meetings and communicate regularly with the Departmental student body and the other MIRS representatives to pass on information and to determine the position of those they represent on all issues. This communication may occur via email, memos, flyers or brief reports given during class sessions with the instructor’s permission. Additional information on Student Association, including its bylaws, can be found in: 

CAH Student Handbook (please select applicable year)

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