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6.4 - Dosimeter Use Guidelines

Failure to practice the following guidelines will render a radiation dosimeter useless in accurately measuring the exposure that a particular student receives in the clinic or laboratory setting. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a Zerograde penalty.

  • Do not immerse the dosimeter in liquids, expose it to bright light or extreme heat, or a microwave oven. Should any of the above happen to a student’s dosimeter, it should not be worn.  It must be immediately exchanged at the Radiation Safety Office.  
  • Never exchange or wear a dosimeter issued to another person since each is issued to a specific person and is presumed to record that person’s exposure. 
  • Students are responsible for maintaining and exchanging their own dosimeters. 
  • If a student is employed as a radiation worker while in a departmental program, he/she must not wear dosimeters provided by the Department during work hours. The employer must provide a badge in this instance; However, students employed through OU Health will maintain their badge and wear it during work hours as well as student clinical hours.  

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