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6.5 - Dosimetry Reports

Each quarter, faculty will provide a dosimeter report for students to review, date and sign to be kept on file for programmatic accreditation requirements.  

The Radiation Safety Officer will contact any student and the Department in writing if an exposure reading exceeds established trigger levels. These trigger levels are set by the OUHSC RSO. 

See OUHSC RSO trigger levels in Table below, from the OUHSC Radiation Safety Manual.  When a student’s exposure reading exceeds the trigger level, his/her Clinical Coordinator will meet with the student.  

From experience, Department faculty know it is a rare occurrence for a student to exceed the trigger level. Radiation safety policies and practices taught in courses and mandated and monitored in the clinic and laboratory environment strive to instill in students the ongoing need to keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).  

Any student who wants to discuss his/her individual dosimetry readings or who has a question regarding radiation safety should contact their Clinical Coordinator, Professor Grantham, or the Radiation Safety Officer promptly. 

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