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6.8 - Radiation Safety – Nuclear Medicine Laboratory

The nuclear medicine laboratories include the imaging lab in AHB-1038.  These laboratories are in compliance with federal and state regulations, a copy of the mini-license is posted in each lab and audit records are maintained in the department and Radiation Safety Office. 

The following guidelines specific to activities in the nuclear medicine lab must be followed: 

  • Eating, drinking, smoking, and other forms of tobacco use are prohibited. 
  • Students must obtain authorization from a nuclear medicine faculty member to utilize radioactivity or any equipment within the lab. 
  • No student may enter the lab without a badge and ring dosimeter properly worn when working with ionizing radiation. 
  • Excessive handling of radioactive materials should be avoided. 
  • All contaminated items or those that are potentially contaminated should be discarded in the designated disposal storage area. Do not place these items in regular trash receptacles. 
  • Protective gloves and a lab coat must be worn at all times when handling radioactive materials. 
  • Students must report any contamination to the supervising faculty member immediately.  
  • Procedure for handling a spill includes: 
    • Containment of liquid spills with absorbent material 
    • Evacuation of the area and prevention of unauthorized entry 
    • Removal of contaminated clothing 
    • Cleaning of contaminated skin with warm water, mild soap and a soft brush
    • Reporting of the spill to the Radiation Safety Office

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