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4.12 - Classroom Expectations for Laptops

Updated: 6/4/2021

Students are required to have their laptop computers available for examinations and in-class assignments. Students should come to the class with their laptop fully charged and with all required software installed and updated.  The number of available outlets for charging laptops are limited in some classrooms. Should a student come to class without their required laptop, he/she will be expected to retrieve his/her laptop immediately and complete the exam or assignment with what time remains in class.  Forgetting to bring a laptop will not be an acceptable excuse to extend the time period assigned to complete the exam or assignment nor to request a make-up exam or assignment.  IT services have limited laptops that are used for system-testing purposes but those laptops are not distributed on a regular basis to students who forget their laptop. If the examination time period permits, a classmate’s laptop may be used to take or complete an exam, however, one should not expect that someone else will make their laptop available. Students are responsible for content missed while retrieving their laptop and the time missed will be considered an unexcused absence. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the student receiving no credit for the exam or assignment.

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