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4.22 - Membership and Participation in Professional Associations

The Department believes it is providing opportunities for development of the person as a professional.  Students are required and/or encouraged to join their respective professional association(s) and participate in professional meetings, activities, and competitions. Opportunities for participation vary with each Department program. Junior students are encouraged to attend local professional activities while senior students are encouraged to travel to state, regional, and national meetings. 
Though the department encourages students to attend professional meetings, it does not assume responsibility for expenses. Expenses are the responsibility of the student.   The College of Allied Health may provide student support for professional travel for in state and out of state meetings.   Students should contact their CAHSA representative to learn about annual funds that are offered. 

In addition, if stated conditions for participation in educational activities at the meeting are not met, the student may be required to make up the absence according to the clinical absence make-up policy. 

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