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6.3 - Radiation Dosimeters

To meet federal, state and programmatic accreditation requirements, personal dosimeters are distributed to students quarterly and must be worn by students at all times while working in the clinic or laboratory setting where ionizing radiation is used. A radiation dosimeter is worn clipped to the collar of the uniform, lab coat or shirt and should be outside any lead apron to accurately record whole body exposure.

Since nuclear medicine students prepare and administer radiopharmaceuticals, they are also issued a ring dosimeter. Students are required to wear the ring dosimeter on a finger of their dominant hand with the label facing the palm of the hand. This ensures accurate hand exposure measurements.

New dosimeters will be distributed to students just prior to the beginning of a quarter.  Students must exchange their dosimeters by the first clinic day of each new quarter in January, April, July and October.  In addition, at the end of each semester regardless of timing within quarters, students will turn in their dosimeters to the Department, and will pick them back up before the first day of clinic in the next semester.

Students who have not picked up their new dosimeter by the first clinic day of the new quarter or semester will receive a Zerograde. Old dosimeters must be turned in to the Clinical Coordinator the last day of the quarter through the fourth day of the new quarter, whichever is later, or the last day of the semester in December, May and July. Any badges not turned in by this date will be considered “late”. Any student who turns in a “late” badge will receive a Zerograde.

Lost dosimeters must be reported immediately to a student’s Clinical Coordinator and the Radiation Safety Office so a replacement can be issued. There may be a fee for any lost badges. Under no circumstances may a student continue activities involving ionizing radiation until a replacement dosimeter has been issued. Clinic time missed due to lost badges will have to be made up.  Any student who goes to clinic without a dosimeter at any time will receive a Zerograde. All student dosimeters must be returned to the Department prior to graduation. 

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